Developing True Partnerships: How Monroe Truck Equipment Supports Dealerships


Across the country, dealerships help business owners and contractors find the trucks and equipment they need to best do their jobs, grow their businesses and operate with ease.

As a work truck upfitter, our goal is to help our customers find new and innovative ways to grow. We recognize that time is a valuable commodity. We partner with dealers to save them time while helping them sell more in the following ways:


Prospecting is an integral part of finding success as a dealership, but it’s a labor-intensive task that dealers may not have the staff to support. At Monroe Truck Equipment, we understand that prospecting is an important first step of sales, so we offer a proven program to generate leads for our dealership partners. This enables our dealers to focus their attention on helping their customers find their ideal work truck.

Sales and Product Training

We offer extended sales and product training to the dealerships we work with. Whether they have new staff and need training as a part of onboarding, our seasoned team members who want a refresher– we’re committed to training our partners so they can be sure to match customers with the right equipment.


Marketing, like prospecting, is time-consuming, and we know first-hand that dealerships rarely have enough time to dedicate to a marketing strategy. To lighten their load, we offer a co-branded marketing program that includes designing and mailing flyers, postcards, and more to their target market on behalf of the dealers to bring more traffic through their doors.

Market and Industry Insights

Market insights are an important part of staying on top of industry trends and knowing what changes can be expected down the line. Information such as the price volatility of steel, upcoming chip shortages from OEMs, and similar information can help dealers better predict inventory needs,  manage customer expectations, and drive profit.

Partnerships First

At Monroe Truck Equipment, partnership is the foundation of how we do business. From having the best warranty in the industry, to sharing the latest trends and market conditions, we pride ourselves in being responsive and delivering value with every dealer visit.  To learn more about our dealership programs reach out to a Monroe Truck Equipment team member.


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