No One Fights Alone: A Monroe Truck Equipment Fundraiser


Many Monroe Truck Equipment team members have been with us for years-- some have even stayed for decades. That kind of quality time has led our teams to connect and form deep friendships with one another. So when one of us goes through a difficult situation, we come together to find ways to lend a hand and lean on one another.

Recently our Flint team came together to raise money for our team member Rob Williamson and his family. Earlier this summer Rob’s partner, Jennifer, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her particular diagnosis required immediate surgery. After surgery, she started to undergo chemotherapy. 

The Flint team’s “No One Fights Alone” Fundraiser rallied our team to raise funds to offset the costs of medical expenses, time off of work, and other related expenses. All the Flint team members who contributed received a tumbler with the colon cancer awareness ribbon on it as a sign of our appreciation. 

We have kept Jennifer and Rob in our thoughts and pray for a quick remission and full recovery. 

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